Welcome to the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science, the only one of its kind in the entire CSU. We provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the atmosphere and prepare them for careers in the atmospheric sciences. Meteorology faculty maintain active research programs that benefit the science community and enhance our students' learning environment.

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January 25, 2013 - Power crash - web cams offline
We had a power outage yesterday. A single ancient (1960's) breaker took down all our servers. At present, most servers have come back up, but the web cams are not updating online (cams are fine). We are looking into this.


January 2013 - Attention users & visitors!
Effective roughly Jan 1, 2013, every web page representing SJSU has been switched over to the new OU brand. Our official web page is now www.sjsu.edu/meteorology. Be advised that we have no control over things like (tiny) font size etc. We have made every effort to maintain all the weather links you want and need. If you encounter any problems, be sure to let us know!

Be advised that no new news will be posted here! Look to the new page for that.


November 14, 2012
Professor Eugene Cordero appeared this week on the Climate Reality Project's "24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report"! Eugene participated in panels 16, 17, and 20 of the 24-hour marathon discussion of global warming and its impacts.

November 2012 - an aluma speaks about superstorm Sandy!
Superstorm Sandy caught everybody's attention, including that of one of our alumna, Dr. Jennifer Francis, currently at Rutgers University, and BS Meteorology in 1988. Here is a recent PBS-NOVA article in which she ties the strength of Sandy (as well as other extreme weather events) to climate change. And here is a talk given earlier this year by Jennifer on "The Arctic Paradox".

September 9, 2012
Our annual rain forecasting contest is underway! This is always entertaining to the new grad students who come from rainy locations!! This year, we are forecasting the date after which our cumulative rainfall exceeds 4". Click here for details!

June 22, 2012

Student success! Several of our students have received awards and recognitions this year. Graduate student Dianne Hall received the International Association of Wildland Fire 2012 Scholarship. This international scholarship is very competitive: there is only one award for an MS student and one for a PhD student! Congratulations to Dianne for getting this $2500 award (and also to the Clements research group!). Senior (and AMS Chapter President) Richard Bagley has won a $1000 SJSU Undergraduate Research Grant to fund work on Effects of Noctural Atmospheric Drying Events on Bay Area Fire Weather (Richard is also with the Clements group). Another undergraduate student (Akos Meggyes) won a $1000 SJSU Undergraduate Research Grant to worj with Professor Cordero on Climate Change Communication (part of the Green Ninja project).

Graduating senior Andy Chiuppi was a Dean's Scholar, and has now accepted a position with the National Weather Service (NWS-Memphis). Graduate student Terrence Mullens is spending his summer in Boulder in the Graduate Visitor Program at NCAR. Both Andy and Terrence are with the Jin Research Group.

June 2012

Classes to be cut in Fall. The Fall 2012 schedule was created back in Feb-Mar of 2012 - long before we knew how much money we'd have to run classes (likewise, the Spring schedule creation starts as soon as classes start i n August). Due to the ongoing budget situation (i.e., annual sharp cuts in allocation to SJSU and the CSU in general), we are forced this year to cut class sections that had already been scheduled for Fall 2012. This is because all the "fat" from SJSU was trimmed a long time ago, and the only thing left to cut are salaries; we have to hire fewer people, and thus offer fewer classes. The classes we are cutting from Fall 2012 are:

METR 110 ("Aviation Weather") - we hope to offer this in Spring 2013
METR 113 ("Pollution") - we hope to offer this in Spring 2013
METR 10, section 05 - several other sections are open in Fall

Let's hope we don't have to cut any further this year. AFCB, 6/6/12.

May 2012

Dr. Menglin Jin has been invited to be a Visiting Professor this summer at Tsinghua University in the Center for Earth System Science!

Tsinghua University is located in Beijing, and is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in China. We are delighted and proud that Dr. Jin is being so honored!

April 2012

Dr. Craig Clements has won a prestigious NSF Career Award!

The NSF describes these as their "most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations." The project Dr. Clements proposed is entitled: "Towards a Better Understanding of Wildfire-Atmosphere Interactions: Integrating Fire Weather Research and Education", and the award will bring in almost $1m to SJSU!

Dr. Clements is only the fourth faculty member of the College of Science at SJSU to ever win this award, and joins Dr. Eugene Cordero as the second recipient in our department!

Congratulations to Dr. Clements for such an outstanding achievement!


April 2012

We talk TED!

Dr. Eugene Cordero
recently gave an invited talk at TEDxSan Jose. The topic was the Green Ninja project, and Dr. Cordero spoke on "What Burritos Taught me About Climate Change". Congratulations to Dr. Cordero for being invited to speak at one of these forward-thinking events! His talk will be posted soon at the TED site.

And did you know we have another TED speaker on our faculty? Joe Jordan gave a TED talk at TEDxSanta Cruz on "The Solar Window of Opportunity". Here's a link to his talk.


April 23, 2012
Career Day Event!

April 2 , 2012
Congratulations to Dr. Eugene Cordero and the entire Green Ninja team for their Grand Prize win in the Green Screen Climate Fix Flicks festival in Sydney, Australia! We're so proud of our climate action superhero!!

March 2 , 2012
Thoughts on our dry winter.

February, 2012
Update on our web server: We are upgrading several of our servers used to generate products on our weather page. As a result there may be occasional interruptions and outages. We hope these are short-lived!

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